Feb 12th 2014 – Another Storm hits Ireland

Property owners in Ireland are again suffering the power of Mother Nature as hurricane force winds strike Ireland on 12th February 2014, bringing down trees and power lines, overturning and crushing vehicles and causing structural damage. Many buildings have suffered severe damage, with roofs being ripped off, in scenes that have not been seen on this scale in Ireland since Hurricane Charley struck on 25th August 1986.

Insurers are also bracing themselves for handling this event which has come on top of an already stretched claims work-load following several severe storms and floods in Ireland since 26th December 2013.

Property owners need to get emergency repairs carried out to ‘make safe’. However in order to fully assess their entitlement under their insurance policy, home and business owners should appoint their own PLA (Public Loss Assessor) who will be familiar with the process and the small print of the insurance policy. They are best equipped to give pro-consumer advice and to fully document the loss and damage.

Loss Adjusters are there to represent the interests of Insurers. It is vital for the home or business owner to be equally represented, to ensure they receive their full entitlement to indemnify them for their loss, under the terms of their policy.

Balcombes operate an emergency helpline in Dublin on 1800 506 700.

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