Dishwasher Fires

Balcombes have helped many families through the Insurance claims process following the trauma of a diswIMG_5754asher fire.

Many people are not aware that there was a product recall in relation to some Bosch, Siemiens and Neff diswashers due to a faulty component that apparently has been the cauIMG_6319se of fires in the appliance.  This product recall was initially issued through electrical retailers, who in some cases may have had an address of the owners.  However, in many cases the diswasher is purchased and there is no record retained of the delivery address or the location of the appliance.

The manufacturers also published newspaper adverts notifying the product recall.  But, lets be honest, what’s the chances of buying the newspaper on the days the advert ran, how many people take the time to read these notices, and even if you read such a notice how many people can remember what make their dishwasher is, without going and checking the badge on the front?  Subsequently, the manufacturers in recent months have run a radio ad campaign.  Again, it requires some degree of diligence on the part of home owners/occupiers to listen to the ad and go and check their machine.  It’s not like a car, where people know the make and model that they are driving!

In reality there is not much more the manufacturers of appliances can do to alert the public to the potential hazard that is in their home.  They will most likely however, be using the efforts they have made as a defence to any legal action that may come their way.

A kitchen fire can cause extensive smoke damage throughout the entire house.  The important thing for property owners is to make sure you have adequate insurance cover.  That way if a fire damages your home, your insurance policy will pay for your loss and it will be up to them to seek a recovery against the supplier or manufacturer.

The best advice is to get independent expert advice and an advocate on your side to make sure you recover from the incident.

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