A little spark can kindle a great fire…

Up to 25,000 people die every year in domestic fires across Europe. Approximately 70,000 are hospitalised due to injuries caused by fire and smoke annually, and fire damage burns up about 1% of Europe’s GDP. The most important piece of fire safety equipment in any home is a smoke alarm. In a recent US study it was found that three out of five home fire deaths were in properties without working smoke alarms. In order to prepare your family for a fire, you need to draw up an escape plan. If there is a fire, what should you do? The important thing to remember is to ‘Get out – Get the fire brigade out – Stay out’. Amazingly, many of us are not actively preventing fires from starting in our homes, and this infographic outlines some simple ways to keep your home safe and to recover after you have experienced a fire in your home.Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is difficult, but ensure that you secure your home against unauthorised entry, making repairs to prevent further damage and letting your local police force know the house is unoccupied.

Fire Safety – What to do before & after a house fire



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