In the event of a fire…

When someone suffers fire damage to their home or business it can be a bewildering experience and cause a great sense of shock.  If you are sensible enough to have arranged property insurance you may breath a sigh of relief that you can make a claim, but that relief can be short-lived.


How can someone who has never had to do it before, go about submitting their claim, if a fire has destroyed their home or business?

You report the incident to your Broker or Insurer.  They appoint a Loss Adjuster, and other experts, whose role is to investigate the circumstances and establish if all policy terms and conditions have been met; and wait for you to submit claim details.  Their aim is to minimise the amount paid out.

Loss Assessors offer a level of experience and expertise that puts the policyholder’s mind at rest, with pro-consumer advice.  It’s the only way to do it.

We have a great team who are able to quickly put a structure on the entire process and answer all questions that may arise.  We know the issues that arise and how to present the policyholder’s case to ensure you receive your full entitlement under the terms of the policy.  We immediately set about compiling an inventory of loss and damage and a scope-of-work for repairs or replacement.  The amount of settlement and professional service delivered will be well justified by the professional fee.  Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

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