7 Summer tips from the burglar

cartoon-burglar7-300x255While we are all enjoying the summer weather and the holiday season is around the corner, here are 7 tips from the burglar!

  1. An open window or door to let in fresh air is an invitation for me to come in.
  2. The three things I hate most are alarm systems, loud dogs and nosy neighbours.
  3. If you leave post and flyers on the door mat or letterbox while you are away I will know that you are not there.
  4. A loud TV or radio can be a as good a deterrent as an alarm system.
  5. Why would you install an expensive alarm system and not set it?
  6. If I try your door and it happens to be un-locked…bingo….I’m in.
  7. If you leave money, jewellery or the latest tech gizmo lying around that makes my job a lot easier.

7 Tips from Balcombes:

  1. Photograph and make an inventory of jewellery and valuables – Do it now!
  2. Check your Insurance Policy and make sure you comply with any security conditions.
  3. Do not reduce your sums insured to save premium – if you are under-insured, you will be penalised.
  4. If there is an alarm warranty on your policy make sure you comply with it, as the discount on your policy is not worth it if your claim is declined.
  5. Keep jewellery in a locked safe.
  6. Install mortice locks on external doors and window locks on all accessible windows.
  7. Have a good security regime that all the family live by.

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