Lambert Puppet Theatre Fire

Lambert Puppet TheatreBalcombes are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as Loss Assessors to act on behalf of Lambert Puppet Theatre following the recent malicious fire at their premises in Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

Hopefully with our help they will make a full recovery and get back to what they do best.  As they say “the show must go on”…..

Fire and smoke damage can be a very traumatic experience and the emotional toll it takes on everyone close to it, can be hard to deal with.  The last thing anyone in that situation wants is to be dealing with insurance companies or loss adjusters who have no idea how they can be of help other than paying the cheque when the amounts are agreed (which of course is very helpful when it gets to that point!).

The only thing Insurers or their appointed loss adjusters do at the outset is to gather information and recommend actions or experts that can help to identify ways of mitigating their loss.  This can include appointing forensic investigators to identify the cause and see if they can identify any breach of policy conditions or warranty, or can gather evidence to assist in the recovery of their outlay from a third party (e.g. a negligent repairer or faulty appliance supplier).  They will then wait for the policyholder to submit their claim.

The home or business owner needs someone independent on their side to give them pro-consumer advice and to recommend actions and experts to help them recover from their loss.  They need someone who can answer all their questions and reassure them in relation to where they stand in respect of every decision that needs to be made, so that they do not prejudice their position.  Last but not least, they need someone who will ‘assess the loss’ within the terms of the policy and compile all the necessary claim paperwork and negotiate their full entitlement.

Appointing a loss assessor will definitely not be as costly as proceeding without the correct expertise or advice.



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