Why use a Loss Assessor?

       For most people their home is their castle, or their business is their empire. Everyone likes to feel empowered, i.e. educated and informed, to be in control of their decision making process. Nobody likes to feel vulnerable and uncertain.

       When people suffer damage to their property they can feel hurt and confussed and just want to make things better.  They do all they can to get things back to normal as soon as possible. They want to make things right for themselves and their family, or their employees and customers.IMG_8191

       Nobody likes to be fobbed off or left fumbling around looking for answers.  For most, they have never been in the situation before.  They don’t understand the insurance claims process and are not familiar with the small print in the insurance policy.  Nobody likes to be left holding on phone lines trying to get speaking to the claims handler, or being passed from Billy to Jack.

       People making an insurance claim want to be treated fairly.  They have paid premiums over the years, and expect to receive great service as portrayed in TV adverts.  They want their insurance company to help them through their difficulty and deal with their claim promptly and fairly.  While some are thankful they had insurance to cover the damage, many end up dis-satisfied or dis-illusioned with the process and the outcome.

       A regulated insurance Loss Assessor is familiar with the small print of the insurance policy.  We know what the policyholder is entitled to, under the terms of the policy.  We know how to present a properly documented claim to ensure the best outcome.  We know exactly how the process works and what documentation is required, to ensure a successful outcome.  We take all the stress out of dealing with the insurance claim.  We deal with all the paperwork, negotiations and sometimes complex correspondence involved.  We allocate one loss assessor to be the one point of contact from start to finish. We look after the customer.

       Everyone likes to feel empowered and in control of their decision making process.  Only a dedicated loss assessor has the time and expertise to fully engage with the claimant and to empathise with and fully understand the situation.  We have the experience and expertise to help each claimant make the best decisions and to explain the process and the likely outcome of every aspect of the claim.

       Insurance companies may not like us, but we love claims and we will continue to advocate for equal representation for consumers.

You decide what’s best for you!balcombes flames



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