God forbid your house goes on fire….

Every year thousands of homes are damaged by fire.  Everyone thinks it will never happen to them.  However it is clear that some of them are wrong, when it turns out that the dreaded event happens.  IMG_0732

Even when we are paying our insurance premium we think it will never happen to us.  Perhaps that is why a lot of people over the years of the recession reduced their sums insured to the bare minimum.  Big mistake. You may save a few Euros in premium, but you could lose thousands of Euros in deductions for underinsurance in

the event of a claim.  It’s just not worth it.

In the same way that a good Insurance Broker will help to get you the best policy and give you the best advice in relation to cover and premium, a Loss Assessor will get you the best settlement and give you the best advice on how to recover from a loss if the dreaded event happens to you.  Click here to view our Youtube video for more information.



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