Has Storm Doris Hit Your Property?

Storm Doris hit Ireland yesterday with average winds of between 65-80kph and gusts of up to 118kph.  This equates to 35-43 knots, with gusts of up to 63 knots.

Met Office Storm DorisMost buildings insurance policies cover storm damage.  Insurers use the Beaufort scale which categorises wind speed on a scale of zero to 12.  “Storm” is classified as force 10, which is defined as winds between 89-102kph or knots of 48-55.

So, there was certainly storm conditions within the terms of the policy for the duration of Storm Doris in Ireland.  There were a lot of trees brought down and widespread power cuts throught the country.

What to do if your home is affected?

There is an onus on you to protect your property from further damage. Your insurer may have an emergency helpline that will provide a response to get trademen for urgent repairs. You should take photographs of the damage so that you have proof of what happened.   Don’t be in a rush to throw away damaged items as they will be further proof of your loss, that can help validate your claim with your insurance company’s appointed loss adjuster.  Everything damaged will need to be itemised and costed.  You can engage a Pubic Loss Assessor to provide expert advice and assistance in handling the claim on your behalf.


Most policies exclude storm damage to gates and fences; but sheds and their contents will usually be covered as standard.

Motor & Liability Claims

If your car is damaged by a fallen tree, it will only generally be covered if you have Storm Doriscomprehensive cover on your motor vehicle.

If your property is damaged by your neighbour’s fallen tree, the best advice is to claim off your own policy; but it may be possisble to claim off your neighbour if there is any evidence that the tree was unsafe or unsound before the storm, and should have been taken down.  If your neighbour has a home insurance policy you may be able to claim off the liability section of their policy.

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