Why using a Public Loss Assessor is the best option

KNOWLEDGE – We are experts in insurance policy wordings, what is covered and how the process works.


A Loss Adjuster acts for the Insurer – Claimants are vulnerable and unsure of the process or what they are entitled to claim for.
PAPERWORK – We compile all necessary documents, inventories and scope of work and prepare a complete bill of quantities and statement of claim.


Estimates for repair – You are asked to submit estimates for repair or replacement.  Policyholders have to ask contractors and suppliers to give written estimates to support their claim.
SPEED – We can immediately agree the scope of work and the extent of loss and damage with the Loss Adjuster and prepare and submit written statement of claim without delay.


Dependent on others – You are depending on various contractors and suppliers to send you  written estimates which you must compile and submit to the Loss Adjuster yourself.
QUESTIONS  – We have vast experience in property damage claims and how the process works.  We are best placed to answer all your questions in a pro-consumer manner.


Uncertainty – If you have any questions, who do you ask?  The Loss Adjuster is not impartial as they act for the Insurer.  They do not have the time or authority to offer truly independent advice.
ADVICE  – We can help with the practical steps needed to deal with any property damage situation e.g. temporary repairs, alternative accommodation, drying out, salvage etc.


Looking after the ‘day job’ – There are so many other things to take care of that you cannot dedicate the time to pursue the claim to the greatest effect.
NEGOTIATION – We are expert negotiators who are in a position to “level the playing field” on your behalf and counteract any unfair offers.


Vulnerable – Claimants are left to their own devices and very often will not know how to challenge or increase an initial settlement offer.  You are up against an authoritative loss adjuster who is expert in negotiation.
BEST SETTLEMENT – You will get the best settlement offer available within the terms of the policy.


Penny wise, pound foolish – Many claimants feel let down, disappointed and frustrated with the entire process.
SERVICE – you will get a professional service that will ensure you get through the process with the best settlement and the best level of support and service available. Handle the process – You have to ‘learn on the job’ or go with your instinct.  You may be left wondering how to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.


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