Gorse fires and insurance

The news of wildfires that have broken out over various parts of Ireland over the past few Fire Engineweek should be of concern to all property owners.  We have seen news headlines of gorse fires and forest fires in Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, Kerry, Galway, Mayo and Roscommon and I’m sure there are many others.

The attched link from the Irish Times shows the extent of the Coilte forest fire in Cloosh Valley which has destroyed hundreds of acres of forest and is currently threatening wind farms and other property.

One family in Mayo lost their home last week when their thatched roof caught fire, completely destroying their house and possessions.   It reminded me of a thatched house fire that I dealt with several years ago from which I recorded a piece for TV. Click here to view it.

The news is a stark reminder to us all of the need to maintain property insurance cover, and to have adequate sums insured in place.

Fire is devastating, and can also result in death and injury so it is vital to treat it with the utmost respect and extreme caution.  Anyone who suffers damage to their property needs professional advice and assistance to file and negotiate their insurance claim. Independent representation will ensure a faster and better response, and will result in a better outcome.

It pays to have insurance, but it is essential to have independent experienced advice from someone on your side.

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