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As an integral part of your brokerage, your staff currently handle the provision of a claims service, with little or no recognition, or remuneration, for the time and effort you put in.

As a regulated entity you are obliged to offer the best advice to your clients.  Is letting them deal with the compilition and negotiation of their claim with the insurer’s appointed loss adjuster the best advice you can give them?

By recommending a Public Loss Assessor (PLA), you can ensure an additional level of service and advice to your client when he/she needs it most, allowing you time to concentrate on your business. Balcombes provide an optional add-on service whereby brokers can automatically provide an additional level of service to your clients when they need it most.

By implementing Balcombes Property Claims add-on, you can sell our services as part of your renewal procedure.  Offering clients the option of “opting-in” to avail of our claims management services, will ensure you can deliver them the best advice at the time of a claim.  See our claims service certificate here: Broker cert DL.  Implimenting Balcombes Property Claims Add-on scheme will give you the following benefits:

  • Stream-lined delivery of property claims service.
  • Source of commission revenue.
  • 1st class Loss assessing service for your clients.
  • Greater client satisfaction, enhancing your reputation.
  • Out-sourcing a non-core activity.
  • View the progress of your client’s claims on-line

Balcombes have vast experience dealing with all types of property damage claims. We have been operating in Ireland since 1971.   Our knowledge and experience of property claims will ensure your client recovers from a loss.   Our expertise in managing Business Interruption claims is second to none.

Click here to request an agency application or call 1800 506 700 for quick chat about the benefits of our services to you and your clients.

Jim Flannery, ACII

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