California wildfires and the Irish

Balcombes have reached out to offer advice and assistance to the Irish community in California who have lost property in the wild fires currently raging there.image

Jim Flannery,  Managing Director, has posted Balcombes offer of help on their  website and Facebook page, and reached out to the Irish Ex-pat community in California via social media.

The wildfires started on 8th November 2018 and are still not under control in several areas.  Already in excess of 11,000 buildings have been destroyed and over 295,000 residents evacuated from their homes in California.

Sadly there have been 76 confirmed fatalities, with almost 1,000 people still reported to be missing.

The wildfires are covering an area in excess of 250,000 acres, which equates to almost 10 times the size of Co. Dublin, Ireland.  The largest fire was in the Butte County which wiped out a town called Paradise.  The Woolsey Fire is burning along the Pacific Highway and has forced the evacuation of much of Malibu which is home to many celebrities including some Irish actors.

President Trump has criticised the lack of forestry management for contributing to the spread of the blaze.  He visited the town of Paradise on 18th November and caused outrage when he referred to the town of Paradise as “Pleasure” as the CBS Los Angeles  report. He also faced a barrage of criticism for comparing the lack of wildfires in Finland which is a “forest nation” to California as reported by The Telegraph.  Finland has a totally different climate to California with much lower temperatures and is covered in snow for several months each year.

Balcombes have offered to give advice and support to the Irish community who have lost property in the devastating fires.  We deal with fire claims all the time, but it is hard to imagine the scale of this disaster. image

The important thing is the protection against further loss of life; material possessions can be replaced.  The sense of loss and devastation can be overwhelming for those affected.

“We will provide advice on-line by emailing us at or by telephone on 0035312950589.  We will assign each case to a Loss Assessor to include a review of policy coverage and the compilation of claim documentation to assist home and business owners with their claims process.  If necessary we will travel to California when it is safe to go there,” said Mr Flannery.  “Whilst we are not registered with the California State to offer Public Loss Assessing services there, we can offer direct support to home and business owners”.  

Every property or business interruption claim requires a statement of loss and damage to be fully documented and submitted to the insurance carrier before a Loss Adjuster is in a position to make a settlement offer.  When everything is totally destroyed it can be hard to know where to start.  However, Balcombes are expert at putting claim documents together and are available to give all professional advice and support necessary to help get through the process.

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