Expert water detection, the key to success…

If you suffer water damage from a leaking pipe, how do you know what to claim for?

I have given up a long time ago trying to figure out the path that water flows.  Thankfully Balcombes loss assessors all carry a vital piece of expensive equipment that detects moisture content in wood, plaster or brick surfaces. 

That way we are able to tell where the water leak has penetrated and what is likely to need to be replaced and what needs to be removed to dry out or replace hidden damage.

What might look fine to the casual observer, may well be saturated and may only show signs of deterioration at a later stage, when it may be too late.  We can demonstrate to your insurer’s appointed loss adjuster or contractor, the evidence that forms the basis of your claim.

Our expert team of loss assessors can be your guarantee of a sucessful outcome to your property claim and we are there to give you personal service, expert opinions and peace of mind.

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