Fire, Smoke or Water

People often ask “which causes the worst damage: fire, smoke or water?”

My answer is simple – they are all bad.  However, there is no fire without smoke, and usually when you have a fire there is water damage as well due to fire brigade extinguishers or water pipes melting and discharging water.

The devastation caused following a fire is not somethng I would wish on my worst enemy.  Smoke gets into everthing, and it often amazes people to see ‘smoke cobwebs’ everywhere following a fire.  Smoke deposits cling to cobwebs that would not normally be visible, but when they turn black they are very visible!  You can also open presses and move objects to see how much smoke got into the press. It permeates clothing, soft furnishings, carpets and blinds etc.  It even gets into PVC, plaster and woodwork.

A water leak on it’s own is probably the easist damage to deal with, and to repair.  It is also the most frequent loss type.  Insurers however have discriminated against people with water leaks by increasing the policy excess for water damage.   This adds hardship onto householders who have to factor in the impact of the excess and loss of no claims bonus, when considering whether it is worthwhile making a claim or not.

Thankfully though all damage can be repaired and with expert specialists with experience to recommend the right people to deal with the devastation, the damage can be quickly assessed, negotiated and restored.

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