How to counter the Brexit effect in Property Claims

We live in uncertain times.  However, when stuff happens, we can be dealt a hand that throws us into confusion.  A fire in someone’s home or business can be devastating.  The immediate shock and panic can cause even the most sure-footed individuals to waver in their composure and some can become unsure and bewildered.

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The Brexit effect

It is something that nobody plans for, and we all think will never happen to us.  Before long we realise “we need to get on with it” and make the best of a bad situation.

Like the Brexit vote, it can leave people feeling uncertain and confused.  It can leave a sense of economic vulnerability in negotiations between various parties, and can lead to uncertainty about the future.

You want your most experienced and best negotiators at the table to represent your best interests.  You want clarity over your situation and your future.  You have lots of questions and queries and unless you get answers you are in a vacuum. Confusion and doubt can creep in and cause even greater uncertainty.

People who suffer damage to their property are in a vulnerable position.  They are in uncharted waters.  They need advice and support from experienced claims experts.  They have never been in the situation before and have to learn as they go. They can feel intimidated and nervous talking to their Insurance Company or their appointed Loss Adjuster.  They can feel they are going to be skinned alive!

How to counter the Brexit effect in Property Claims?  Appoint Balcombes.

Balcombes have been dealing with property damage and business interruption claims in Ireland since 1971.  We have a team of experienced Loss Assessors who are familiar with insurance policy wordings, and are expert negotiators.  Our focus is on ensuring the best outcome for our clients.  We provide advice and support and answer any quesitions that are causing uncertainty.  By sharing our knowledge and experience, we bring clarity and confidence to empower our clients to move forward, to ensure a successful outcome, and a brighter future.


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