Property Claims – Know your rights

   If you suffer damage to your property and need to make an insurance claim the Central Bank’s Consumer Protection Code 2012 stipulates that if your insurer is appointing a Loss Adjuster to handle the claim on their behalf, they must inform that policyholder that the Loss Adjuster is there to represent the interests of the Insurer and that they (the policyholder) may appoint a Loss Assessor to represent their interests, but at their own expense.

It has become apparent in recent times that some insurers are trying to avoid compliance with this stipulation by appointing their own in-house loss adjusters or partner contractors to try and circumvent the rights of the consumer to engage a Loss Assessor.  KNOW YOUR RIGHTSUnfortunately Loss Assessors do not have  large marketing budgets to engage in a mass media campaign to advertise that fact. Perhaps the Financial Regulator should do so if they are serious about consumer protection.  In the meantime most of our business comes from referrals from insurance brokers, and from happy clients who know and appreciate the value we brought to their insurance claim solution. We thank you for your support.

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      We have first hand experience of settlement proposals or solutions being offered directly to policyholders, and when we were asked by them to review it there were serious deficiencies in what was being proposed.

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