Burst Pipe Water Damage

Assisting you with burst pipe repairs

Water damage is unexpected and often very difficult to repair without disturbing your home or business in many ways. Burst pipes are the main cause of water damage and can lead to extensive issues including collapsed ceilings, damaged floors and decoration, all of which can be very expensive to repair.

Ensuring that you have adequately dealt with burst pipe water damage is essential. Water damage can often go unnoticed, and can cause issues in relation to mould, rotting, mildew, and rust. Burst pipe damage can also be a fire hazard as electrical wires may be compromised.

Understanding insurance claims for burst pipe damage

It is important to remember that many insurance policies will exclude leaks from defective seals around baths and showers as water damage from such causes are deemed to be a preventable maintenance expense. If you have experienced water damage it is necessary therefore to get a plumber to trace the source and the cause of the leak to ensure that the issue was indeed caused by a burst pipe.

Once your plumber has identified that the damage was the result of a supply or waste pipe they will provide you with a report to that effect which will be necessary when submitting your insurance claim. Whilst it is important to prevent any further damage to your property, we would advise that you retain any evidence on site for inspection by the insurance company’s loss adjuster.

Professional, helpful advice in relation to your burst pipe damage claim

We offer professional advice to you and there is no obligation following a free initial consultation to assess your loss or damage. ‘Contact us’ and one of our experienced Property Claims Consultants will discuss the issues with you to see how we can help you with your claim.

If you have experienced burst pipe damage Balcombes Claims Management can help you by removing the stress and hassle of submitting a claim for burst pipe repair. We negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the maximum amount from your insurance company.


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