Oil Leaks

Escape of oil can cause a significant risk of contamination to the subsoil, subfloors, and can cause noxious smells which can be harmful if left untreated.  In addition, the gradient of the site can contribute to the migration of the oil plume, for which a home owner can be held liable.  Therefore it is essential to deal with an escape of oil in a speedy and professional way.  Left untreated, oil, diesel or kerosene can have long terms effects on concrete foundations, floors or walls of a property.  The fumes can penetrate carpets and soft furnishings, which may not be possible to salvage.

Balcombes work closely with bio-remediation experts who will analyse the contamination and provide the necessary report with detailed findings, recommendations and quotation for the necessary works.  It is important to act fast to mitigate the loss.  But agreement should be sought with the loss adjuster on the actions to be taken before works proceed.  If the property is deemed uninhabitable and alternative accommodation is required, this should be agreed in advance before any commitments are entered into.

We offer professional advice to you and there is no obligation following a free initial consultation to assess your loss or damage. ‘Contact us’ and one of our experienced Property Claims Consultants will discuss the issues with you to see how we can help you with your claim.



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