Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Balcombes Claims Management can help you recover from unexpected storm damage

Storm damage is unexpected and in Ireland it is something that is frequently experienced. If you experience storm damage in your home or commercial premises you will often be required to carry out emergency storm damage repairs, in order to prevent further damage to the property.

Expert advice and assistance when dealing with storm damage repairs

Storm damage is generally structural damage caused by gale force winds which can result in flooding and rain water accessing the property. Unfortunately, damage can occur as a result of wear and tear (particularly to felt roof coverings) and this is not ‘storm damage’ and is thus excluded from the cover provided by the policy.  Similarly, damage to gates and fences is excluded.  Sometimes water can overflow from roof valleys or blocked outlets in parapet walls, and the resulting damage can be covered under the escape or overflow of water peril. Storm damage can lead to water damage causing collapsed ceilings, damaged floors and decoration, and can be expensive to repair.

Helping you with the difficult process of making a storm damage claim

It is important to have the roof examined by a roofer to determine the extent of repairs necessary as a result of the storm damage. A roofers report will be required to support your claim and it is best if photographs can be taken before any emergency storm damage repairs are carried out so as not to prejudice your position.

We offer professional advice to you and there is no obligation following a free initial consultation to assess your loss or damage. ‘Contact us’ and one of our experienced Property Claims Consultants will discuss the issues with you to see how we can help you with your claim.



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