Subsidence claims – Helping you with subsidence damage and repairs

Understanding subsidence damage and repair

Subsidence is caused by the undermining of the foundations of a property (usually as a result of escape of water from underground pipes) which causes downward or rotational movement in the external walls resulting in cracking in the structural walls of a building. Subsidence repairs are usually a straightforward process, and managing a subsidence claim is essential in restoring your property to a structurally sound state.  However, subsidence claims can be very difficult to negotiate and require dedicated and professional representation to succeed.

Dealing with subsidence damage and beginning subsidence repairs

In order to establish if you have an admissible subsidence claim under your policy it is necessary to prove the cause and source of any cracks.  This requires specialist investigation and engineering opinion by way of written report to prove if a case exists.  An engineer will also be required to specify a course of remedial works, usually by under-pinning the foundations, and crack repairs or re-building of affected walls and all associated works.

Assisting with subsidence claims to ensure you get the best subsidence repair

Balcombes Claims Management recommend specialists who will work with you, us and the Insurance Company’s appointed loss adjuster to establish the cause and the solution. Subsidence claims can be slow and tedious to prove and your insurer will usually appoint their own engineer to scrutinise and challenge the evidence before they will admit policy liability or enter into any meaningful negotiations to reach an agreed settlement. As we recommend specialists to assist you, rather than your insurer, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will receive the maximum amount from your subsidence claim and that your subsidence damage will be dealt with by the best subsidence repair experts.

We offer professional advice to you and there is no obligation following a free initial consultation to assess your loss or damage. ‘Contact us’ and one of our experienced Property Claims Consultants will discuss the issues with you to see how we can help you with your claim.

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