Survey results

What follows are abstracts of Independant research on “ The Marketing of the Insurance loss Assessing industry in Ireland ”, carried out in 1994 by Aoiffe Mc Nulty as part of a Marketing Degree.

The sample for this survey has been randomly selected from the client list of Balcombes Loss Assessors and covered a mix of both commercial and private customers.

Benefits associated with an insurance loss assessor:

The statements in red were the most commonly cited advantages of appointing an insurance loss assessor according to respondants in the commercial sector.

  • They (the assessor) read and assess your policy fine print.
  • They value your claim on your behalf.
  • Employing an insurance loss assessor allows you to get on with real work decisions.
  • Employing a loss assessor takes the stress out of dealing with the insurance company.
  • They have expertise in maximising and preparation of a claim
  • They have in-depth knowledge of policy cover/clauses.
  • They are interested in getting the best for their client.
  • They are reassuring in a difficult situation.
  • The following statement were also put to the people interviewed.

I would not use an insurance loss assessor at all!

In the commercial segment, 100% of respondents dissagreed with the above statement. Of those 100%, 70% strongly dissagreed.

In the private segment, 5% of respondents where undecided, 30% agreed and 65% strongly dissagreed with the statement.

Overall, the survey showed that both the commercial segment and the private segment found the use of a loss assessor invaluable when dealing with a claim.

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