The Beast from the East

Ireland is experiencing a cold snap as polar air crosses from the East and meets with a moist air mass from Storm Emma from the South. This is resulting in significant snow falls and sub zero temperatures, as the Met Office issues a Status Red weather alert.

Prolonged freezing conditions can cause pipes to burst which will lead to extensive damage caused by escape of water.  This can be particularly so if a property is unattended when the thaw comes, leading to unlimited free flowing water.

Most insurance policies cover the damage caused by the escape of water from any fixed water apparatus, provided the property has not been left unattended for more than 30 days. Some policies exclude the cost of the plumbing repairs caused by wear and tear but will cover the subsequent water damage.  In a freeze-up, the ‘burst’ is a sudden and unforeseen event and therefore the plumbing repair cost would be covered on those policies. Check your policy wording for details or call us for advice.

It is vital to fully establish the extent of water damage, as it may not be immediately apparent.  Untreated timber combined with concealed water can lead to fungal mould growth and to dry rot at a later stage.  Professional advice and expert assessment can prevent these issues when it comes to ensuring you receive your rightful entitlement under the terms of your policy.

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