The Slow Bicycle Race

When I was a kid in primary school we spent our entire Summers on bicycles going everywhere, racing around and having fun.  We also taught ourselves how to balance, do wheelies, jump over ramps, and all sorts of other skills on bikes.

On one particular Sports Day at school there was a ‘Slow Bicycle Race’ as one of the events.  With great enthusiasm I decided to enter and to my surprise and delight, I won the race.   Having found it easy to stop and start and balance on the bike; barely moving forwards for much of the race, until I was the last man standing, when everyone else had crashed out or passed the finishing line.

Little did I realise that the skills I learned back then have stood me in good stead in my Balcombes Slow Bicycle Racechosen career.  Insurance Loss Assessing is about using skills and knowledge, married with patience and balance to achieve a settlement.  It is about having a focus on the end result.  It is about observing what is going on around you and being able to have the staying power to stick to the course.  Using all our tools and skills to best serve our clients.

Others have come and gone and gave up when the going got tough. I have used my determination and passion for advocating on behalf of clients.  I not alone stay the course, but serve our clients with all the enjoyment, fun and satisfaction that I felt when I won that slow bicycle race.

Live your passion.

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