Broker Scheme

Broker Scheme

Balcombes provide a unique property claims ‘add-on’ product for Insurance Brokers to sell to their household and commercial clients.  For a small annual charge on top of the premium, clients who suffer damage to their property get access to our Loss Assessing Services.

Additional Peace of Mind

Brokers can be confident that their client gets specialist personal attention when they need it most.  We can enhance and support your clients best interests and protect them and you from any pitfalls.

Outsource or struggle?

Are your staff currently handling the provision of property insurance claims, with no recognition or remuneration for the time or effort you put in?
See how Balcombes Claims Management Broker Schemes can help your business!

    Balcombes Claims Management is Ireland’s longest established and leading firm of Loss Assessors. We have developed a systemised process that focuses our resources and attention on solving your Insurance Claim problem. We have developed a Vision, Mission and Goals statement that hopefully will help you to achieve yours. We operate to clearly defined Points of Culture which we believe will operate to your advantage.


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