Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers are a valuable resource for the insuring public.  They have deep expert knowledge of the insurance market.  After establishing your needs they seek quotes and compare the market for the best cover at the best price.  Brokers can ensure you get a level of service and answers to your queries without you having to do all the donkey work.  They are a single point of contact for all your insurnce needs.

What about my claim?

Brokers are able to communicate your loss or damage to the insurance company and can report the claim and suggest you get estimates for repair etc. They will empathise with the situation you find yourself in, and may accompany you when the Loss Adjuster appointed by your Insurer attends at your property or at subsequent meetings.  However they are not equiped to take control and fully estimate the loss or damage.  They cannot prepare your claim for you.  That requires specialist knowledge and expertise.  It is like your GP referring you to a consultant for certain specialist work.

The role of a Loss Assessor

Public Loss Assessors are able to fully assess the loss and damage.  We compile submit and negotiate the claim to ensure that every last detail is documented and agreed.  The role of the Broker to ensure the best outcome for their clients who have a claim.  We are that specialist consultant, who can deliver that result.

Support for you and your Broker.

Balcombes Claims management offers Brokers a number of services that enhance the result for their clients. In this section, you will find information about our Broker Scheme, a list of Brokers frequently asked questions and login access to our brokers section for existing brokers.

    Balcombes Claims Management is Ireland’s longest established and leading firm of Loss Assessors. We have developed a systemised process that focuses our resources and attention on solving your Insurance Claim problem. We have developed a Vision, Mission and Goals statement that hopefully will help you to achieve yours. We operate to clearly defined Points of Culture which we believe will operate to your advantage.


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