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Is letting your client deal with the compilation and negotiation of their property or business interruption claim with their insurer’s appointed Loss Adjuster, the best advice you can give a claimant in their time of crisis?  Balcombes property claims add-on can solve that problem.

By recommending a regulated Public Loss Assessor (PLA), you can ensure an additional level of professional service and advice to your client when he/she needs it most.  By outsourcing property claims it will allow you time to concentrate on growing your business. However, property damage policies exclude claims preparation costs.  Clients can be concerned that the cost of engaging a PLA may be prohibitive and will be an unnecessary cost that they will have to bear. Some may even believe that you as their broker should be able to provide a full claims preparation and negotiation service.

Independent Expert Advice

Some Loss Adjusting firms issue a spreadsheet to claimants with their representation of the scope and cost of repairs, as a settlement offer.  However, to the unsuspecting claimant they can be left trying to repair the damage within a totally inadequate ‘budget’.  They do not have the expertise to know whether the proposed settlement is fair and reasonable, or accurate.  Most do not have the skills or know-how to challenge the settlement offer. We have found that it is generally inadequate to effect repairs, and needs to be challenged.

Professional Loss Assessing Service

Some insurers may decide to opt to reinstate the damage.  This can be tantamount to depriving the claimant the opportunity to engage their own PLA, as they will also be paying the policy excess, without receiving any settlement proceeds.

Balcombes property claims add-on can solve the problem.

Balcombes provide an optional add-on service, whereby you can provide an additional level of service to your clients when they need it most, without the worry of the cost to your client.  We can offer them professional advice and assess the damage, negotiate and agree the scope and cost of loss and damage, with the insurer’s representatives.

Balcombes Broker Scheme

By implementing Balcombes Property Claims add-on, you can sell our services at a very competitive price as part of your new business/renewal procedures.  Offering clients the option of “opting-in” to avail of Balcombes claims management services in the event of a loss, will ensure you can deliver the best advice at the time of a claim.  See our claims service certificate here: Broker cert DL.  You sell the add-on service to your property clients, and at the end of the month, you submit a bordereaux and reconciliation to Balcombes Claims Management.


  • 1st class Loss Assessing service for your clients.
  • Prevent problems arising by early intervention
  • No need to worry about the claims preparation cost.
  • Greater client satisfaction, enhancing your reputation.
  • Out-sourcing a non-core activity.
  • Access to professional advice and expertise for you and your staff.
  • Stream-lined delivery of property claims service.
  • Increase turnover and commission revenue.
  • Protect your PI Insurance.

Balcombes have unrivalled experience dealing with all types of property damage claims. We have been operating in Ireland since 1971.   Our knowledge and experience of property claims will ensure your client successfully recovers from a loss.   Our communication and negotiation skills are second to none. Our expertise in managing Business Interruption claims is renowned in the Irish Insurance market.  Let your clients avail of the Balcombes advantage.

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